Under the sea

Thursday is Mummy and The King day at Rainbow Lane, a day for just the two of us to enjoy each other’s company whilst out and about in this  city that we both love so much.

From what I’ve heard its pretty rare for a boy-child to be happily holstered into a pram for most of the day. Add in a nap and you’ve got yourself an angel, something I take full advantage  of. Truthfully, I think he has as much fun as I do, playing tourist. I watch him gazing out from the security of his sunshade with Tedda riding alongside, both of them people watching, fascinated by the bustling surrounds.

Normally we spend these treasured days shopping or scoffing wine alongside The Harbour, it is unusual for us to go anywhere “educational” without Ari and I relished the opportunity to  show my newly walking dude the Sydney Aquarium and my undivided attention. He has been playing with Mummy’s affections lately by refusing to hold my hand when we are out and about, only Daddy gets the pleasure and so I was hoping for a little miracle  today. Just a hand, is it not too much to ask?

There is nothing more special than early mornings at the aquarium. No rowdy school kids, just a tranquil wonderland of calm iridescent hues gently rolling past as the fish go about their quiet business, in harmony with classical Mozart and whale song.

Lady Moss makes no excuses for the fact that I bypass the dull brown river fish for the tropical oasis beyond. They might taste great, but lovely to look at they are not.

The King bounced with delight as he toddled from one glass case to another, his dear little hand in mine oh joy! We stopped with the dear penguins for at least an hour, adults and little’s alike, noses pressed against the glass hoping from a flutter of recognition from the furry munchkins.

We sat together, so quietly, so still, watching in wonder, the ever swirling rainbow world, that replica of such beauty, The Great Barrier Reef. My heart was swollen from the love and peace that flowed from my son, to me, to the magical creatures in front of us. And for the first time, I really stopped to treasure the sight. It takes a lot for a mama to put down her camera, to stop thinking about the next toilet stop, lunch break or approaching gift shop meltdown and to just appreciate the moment. This is the greatest gift my son has for me, the ability to just be still. My firstborn is so full of life and story that its hard to ever rest quietly and enjoy the silence.

I have always existed inside my head and often get rudely jolted back to earth by a bus driver calling last stop or a stranger asking the time. I see this in my son, this ability to allow his mind to wander and explore the far reaches. Like me he softly sings to himself all day, as he plays quietly with a set of blocks or flowing bowl of water. My daughter the genius extrovert, my son the quiet creative, already their personalities so inbuilt and obvious to me. Whilst Ari would tell me the names of every type of fish, their preferred  habitat and food source, The King would appreciate them for their spellbinding beauty, the pattern they take through the water.

I am blessed with a yearly pass to this dimly lit fairyland and can return anytime I like. To me there is no greater gift than one that can be enjoyed again and again and I treasure each moment spent here, especially today when I was given the chance to hide away from the world for a little while, just The King and I.

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  1. oh bless. this sounds just divine. so very special! i love the aquarium and can’t wait to share it with wolfie. so pleased you are kingsley have these lovely special moments, he loves you to bits even if he wont hold your hand in public! xo

  2. Lady Moss

     /  March 28, 2012

    Oh Sara Lou, Wolfie will LOVE it so magical for their age! The yearly pass is so reasonable and includes Wildlife World, Oceanworld Manly and Centerpoint I really really recommend it and I think I got an email from them with a 20% discount at the moment xxxx


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