Just do your best and everyone will love you

If there is one talent Lady Moss possesses and is duly proud of, its the ability to walk into any cheap MIC (made in China) clothes store and locate in a second the one hidden jewel. Our best Ladies-in-waiting have the same skill and we love to see the combination of designer and diamond in the rough they put together and always look superbly styled.

The same as I wish I could afford to wear all one of a kind, ethically produced clothing, of course I would love to dress my children only in organic, sustainable gear but I can’t, nor can most people. And so I do my best. I shop in the sales for the season ahead, I take care of their wardrobes by hand washing whenever I can in Lux before using a gentle cycle and I beg their Oomi to knit them each a winter cardigan to see them through the colder months.  I keep an eye out on the department stores doing environmentally friendly basics ranges, easier these days thanks to the un-ignorable shopping trends of like minded mums and yes, I mix it all up with a good dose of MIC stripy tops and bottoms.

If you read up on the chain stores you will notice that many of them have pretty ethical standards when it comes to off shore manufacturing and child labour, I believe they are also doing their best when it comes to consumer trends and their customer’s wallet, not always thick enough to pay $40 for an everyday play t-shirt. As always, a little done by many can equal a great deal.

I try not to over shop. The littles don’t have heaving cupboards full of stuff, they have what they need and it gets used a lot. The King is currently wearing a pair of jeans we got on sale from The Gap that have knees busted to heaven and back. I do love it though and cannot bear to patch up those little holes, proof of many park days just yet. They have loads of wear in them yet and will soon have scraps of leather applied to protect his skin when the going gets rough. I buy a lot of adjustable waistband skirts, shorts and pants which have been passed through Ari and are still going strong on The King (perhaps not the skirts Mossy tells me, although if his obsession with shoes is anything to go by…).

I also buy well when I can, spend a lot on shoes and choose gender neutral red when it comes to raincoats, gumboots, slippers, hats etc. I think Littles look so sweet in stripes and spots, even smarter when paired with a cotton cardigan, all cheaply found and matched back with investment pieces such as shoes, knitwear and jeans. Lady Moss is not a fan of a printed t-shirt or logos of any kind but will admit to some fabulous finds of late in Best and Less, the home of well priced Bonds and their newly discovered range of Australian made Merino Wool babywear. Thanks to Lady Hunt for the tip, we are seriously considering babe number three all in the name of supporting the wool industry! Whilst we were there, we purchased a red, fully lined cape for Ari and a three piece set of stripy long sleeve top, beige cotton cardigan and black chino pants for The King, receiving enough change out of a $50 to buy coffee. Impressed much? So was I.

As mums we have enough pressure heaped on our shoulders without the constant worry of the environment versus what we can afford. Lets give ourselves a break every now and again and a little smiley face because we are doing a great job by always trying to be better and usually succeeding. Like we tell our Littles, just do your best. And that’s enough don’t you agree?

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